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Domaine des Malandes WAS CREATED IN 1972 BY LYNE MARCHIVE,

whose father, André Tremblay, was a visionary, and understood the potential of the Grand Cru vineyards at a time when most producers were selling these frost-prone parcels. 

Domaine des Malandes, whose name literally means "mauvaise terre", or bad land, refers to a plot of stony land that was unsuitable for agriculture, but eminently suited to vine-growing.

Winemaking at Malandes has been entrusted to Guénolé Breteaudeau since 2006. His delicate, measured use of oak vinification corresponds to Marchive’s vision of pure, precise and elegant Chablis that are, most of all, a true reflection of their terroir.

In 2018, Lyne hands over the running of the estate to the next generation. Her son, Richard Rottiers, manages the estate alongside his eponymous domaine in Moulin à Vent and her daughter, Amandine, is in relation with their clients. 

They are firm believers in sustainable viticulture to protect their vineyards, their employees and the environment.

Only organic fertilizer is used, and the land is ploughed in order to reduce the use of chemical grass killer. In the plots of Vaudésir, a carthorse plows the soil. 

Owners  :        Richard Rottiers and Amandine Marchive

Oenologist :        Guénolé Breteaudeau


Domaine des Malandes

Domaine des Malandes

63 rue Auxerroise
89800 Chablis
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Vaudésir 0.76 ha
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