Les Clos Les Clos

Les Clos

26 ha

By far the largest of the Grand Cru climats, set between Valmur to the west and Blanchot to the east, Les Clos is almost certainly the best known of all. Les Clos is also intricately woven into the history of Chablis as it was almost certainly the first vineyard to be planted.  There is nothing left of the original stone walls built by the monks to enclose the vineyard (hence “Clos”), but the fact that they chose this particular site certainly indicates their belief in its potential.

There is little marl in the soil here; instead a high proportion of stones, mixed with compact white clay. In its upper reaches it is frankly rocky. About 80cms below ground level is a limestone slab which is thought by some to be the factor that gives so much firmness to the wines. Ideal exposure to the sun produces high sugar levels and corresponding power in the wines.

In many ways, Les Clos can be considered to be the archetypal Chablis: it is closed in its youth but has extremely good ageing potential and once fully opened, it shows strong mineral character and great finesse. Perhaps the most eloquent of all of the climats.